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About Me...

Booking time with an escort is one of life's decadent luxuries... 

I offer you the opportunity to indulge for a moment, an hour, a day... 

Whether its a fleeting tryst or a regular relationship formed over many meetings, Let's make memories together...

I'm the Aussie girl you always wished lived next door. I'm shy at first, sweet and friendly. I can be cute and casual, or cheeky and fiery. Strong but soft, firm but fun I am everything you ever dreamed of all wrapped up in a perfect BBW package complete with sumptuous curves. I have gorgeous long hair, a beautiful big ass and the sexiest lingerie and heels.

I am intelligent and philosophical, opinionated yet diplomatic and have an ability to make anyone feel comfortable. I flash you a cheeky grin and you'll know instantly that I'm open minded and ready to explore with you. 

While I am openly inclusive of all genders and races please don't push my boundaries, I don't enjoy having to get tough. I'm also very accepting of fetish and kink requests - just make sure to do it respectfully. I'm happy to include cuddles and comfort, passionate orgasms and if you're very nice I might even consider some lightly submissive roleplays - it all matters how you ask me. 

If you've read everything on my site and are ready to get in touch you can find my contact template by clicking the button below. Your first message to me is your chance to make a good first impression - make it count 🙂

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What should you expect from me? 

About my Services


All people are people. I accept clients of all races, genders, religions, shapes and sizes. Please be respectful when you get in touch.


Shy, sweet and sexy. Young BBW from Melbourne. Let me take you on a pleasure journey to explore passion.


Don't let my young age fool you, being in this industry has taught me a thing or two; let me share my experience


This is my business and I pride myself in my attention to detail. You will have an amazing, smooth and professional experience from first contact til last goodbye.